About Us

Vending Machines in Central and East Central Missouri
Canteen Service of Central Missouri was founded in 1954 as one the first franchises of the Automatic Canteen Company of America. We began by offering the “4 Cs” – Cigarettes, Candy, Coffee, Codee (pronounced sodee for soda). Today we are still a member of the Canteen Franchise Group. Canteen is the oldest and largest vending company in the world. With the combination of experience and expertise of a multi-billion company, and family owned and operated service, Canteen Service of Central Missouri can offer our customers “The best of both worlds”.
We provide Full Line Vending Service, Micro-Markets, Office Coffee Service, Pantry Service, and Cafeteria Service to over 20 counties in Central and East Central Missouri. There have been many, many, changes since 1954. The one consistent theme through this time is our attention to supplying quality products and service, regardless of the way they are merchandised, to the end customer.

Lorie Shipley representing Canteen Service as the "Old Gold Dancing Girl" in the 1955 American Legion parade in Augusta, Missouri

Canteen Service, Augusta Missouri, 1956

Put more than 50 years of vending excellence to work for you. Contact Canteen Service of Central Missouri today at 1-800-769-VEND (8363) or canteen@canteenmo.com to set up your free, no obligation consultation.