Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Columbia Missouri

Vending Machines Columbia MissouriSometimes a change in atmosphere can do wonders for employee productivity. You’re your Columbia business need a change? How about one that doesn't cost you anything? The services offered by Canteen Service of Central Missouri, do just that. We are a full service vending company that also does water delivery or filtration and office coffee services. We install the vending machines, keep them filled and clean them, at no cost to you.

Canteen Service of Central Missouri is dedicated to our customers and strives to provide quality products and exceptional customer service. With our full service vending options, your Columbia business will only pay for the electricity to run our vending equipment. With our Energy Star rated vending machines running at peak efficiency, electric cost will be so low you probably won’t even notice it.
Our vending machines come with all kinds of great name brand products. We stock:

  • snacks
  • hot and cold foods
  • carbonated and non carbonated beverages
  • coffees and teas
  • nutritious foods and drinks
  • candy
  • and moreā€¦..

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola vending machines are both available. If you have a large staff and need even more selections, we can install a Micro Market at your location in Columbia.

Do you have employees showing up late because the local coffee shop was busy? Call our Columbia coffee service. We can bring gourmet coffee right to your break room. Canteen Service of Central Missouri has a huge selection of:

  • name brand coffees and flavored teas
  • brewers
  • cups
  • filters
  • napkins
  • plates
  • paper towels
  • creamers
  • sugar and other sweeteners
  • utensils

This will allow your employees to get a great cup of coffee anytime of the day or night. It's a great option, especially if you run a third shift! Your break room shelves will always be filled with your favorite items.
In addition to coffee, we do water filtration in Columbia as well. Canteen Service of Central Missouri can bring in cases of your favorite individual bottles or offer filtration devices that work directly with your tap.
If you're ready to change the corporate atmosphere, email us at or call us at 573-635-4961 or 1-800-769-8363(VEND) and get started right now.


Office Coffee Service Columbia Missouri