Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Eldon

Vending Machines EldonYour employees in Eldon deserve the best and Canteen Service of Central Missouri delivers it. We are the top vending service, office coffee and water delivery service in Eldon, bar none.

Our local, family owned business has been taking good care of our customers for years. We know that the key to maintaining a strong business is delivering exceptional customer service, the best in equipment in the industry and quality name brand products at a fair price.

Not only do we have the best machines available, they are placed at your Eldon location for free, and are filled and serviced for free also. There are vending machines with

  • hot and cold food
  • candy bars
  • coffee
  • snacks
  • healthy and nutritious selections
  • energy and sport drinks
  • and ice cream!

Canteen Service of Central Missouri can also designate an area of your office and install a Micro Market, providing a self checkout convenience store for your employee’s right at work. Other options for vending in Eldon include subsidized vending or free vending. We can discuss all of this during your free, no obligation consultation.

Office coffee is a Canteen Service of Central Missouri specialty. We deliver name brand coffees and teas, brewing equipment and everything that goes into the making of great coffee and teas without wasting time leaving the office for those items. Creamers, sugar, sweeteners, cups, filters, napkins, plates and utensils all fully stocked in your break room for 24/7 availability, taking care of any work shift your business runs.

If your Eldon office doesn’t have good water we can fix that too. We deliver cases of single bottles, and tap based water filtration is also available to all of our Eldon customers.

Let's make a difference in your office today. Call us at 573-635-4961 or 1-800-769-8363(VEND) or email us at!


Office Coffee Service Eldon