Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Fulton

Vending Machines FultonJump start your Fulton workforce with the valuable services offered by Canteen Service of Central Missouri.
We offer:

  • Full service vending
  • Office coffee services
  • Water delivery and filtration

By having the foods and beverages your employees need and crave right at the workplace, production increases and morale improves. They get to rest and relax during break time instead of having to hunt for food and beverages elsewhere.

Vending machines come loaded up with all your name brand favorite foods and drinks for your Fulton employees and customers too.

We provide all of the following:

  • Coca Cola vending machines
  • Pepsi Cola vending machines
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Snack vending machines
  • Hot -cold-frozen food selections
  • Vending machines with healthy food and drink selections
  • Vending machines with sport and energy drinks

You get to select the vending machines and the items they carry, customizing the vending machines to the specific needs of your Fulton business!

Coffee services in Fulton are another way to keep employees in house and at task. Coffee is the beverage of choice to stay alert and focused, so why not upgrade your break room to meet that demand and keep them from leaving to the local coffee house?

We will fill your break room with:

  • Name brand coffees and teas
  • Condiments
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Utensils
  • Creamers
  • Sweeteners

Water needs are also taken care of in Fulton by Canteen Service of Central Missouri. Water filtration and water bottle delivery are handled so that you never go dry.

Contact us today at 573-635-4961 or 1-800-769-8363(VEND) or by email at


Office Coffee Service Fulton