Micro-Markets in Central and East Central Missouri
Vending is more than the standard machines most people are accustomed to. Today there are new approaches that completely redefine the concept. For instance, Canteen Service of Central Missouri offers Avenue C micro-markets.

It’s the ultimate in convenience. And, since employees don’t necessarily have to leave the office for snacks, beverages and foods, it means more productivity for you. All the while, employees will see it as a great fringe benefit.
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Self Check-out Kiosk

What’s a micro market? Simply put, it’s a convenience store right in your place of business. We set up attractive fixtures, efficient coolers and other displays to accommodate your unique office or breakroom space, and we fill them with hundreds of product options, including healthy and fresh-food choices. Employees can then touch, feel and read the nutrition information of products before purchasing, and then bring these items to the self-checkout kiosks. All they have to do is scan the items, swipe a credit/debit card or stored-value card, and off they go.
So who minds the store? For the most part, the store does. As mentioned, self-checkout kiosks take care of the transactions. Also, a fully integrated security system, complete with cameras, monitors transactions and discourages theft. In terms of stocking, a web-based inventory management system makes product evaluations and ordering a breeze.
Put more than 50 years of vending excellence to work for you. Contact Canteen Service of Central Missouri today at 1-800-769-VEND (8363) or canteen@canteenmo.com to set up your free, no obligation consultation.