Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Owensville

Vending Machines OwensvilleCanteen Service of Central Missouri provides Owensville and surrounding communities with exceptional customer service and name brand quality products. Some of your neighbors are probably our customers already. We offer vending machines, office coffee, and water delivery and filtration.

Canteen Service of Central Missouri installs, stocks, and keeps your vending machines filled and serviced at no charge.
We have

  • Pepsi Cola vending machines
  • Coca Cola vending machines
  • candy vending machines
  • snack vending machines
  • food vending machines
  • coffee vending machines
  • vending machines with sport and energy drinks

We also have healthy selections like juices, waters, non carbonated beverages and a host of drink and food alternatives. You decide what best meets the needs of your employees in Owensville, not us. We will customize your vending equipment to dispense the items you want for your employees. Of course, if you want guidance, we can do that to.
Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world and when it comes to keeping employees at task our office coffee services will do just that. We offer you name brand coffees and brewing equipment, as well as all the other necessities that come with it. We will provide cups, creamers, sweeteners, plates, utensils, napkins, paper towels and flavored teas and hot chocolate – we guarantee fully stocked on your break room shelves for your immediate use.

Canteen Service of Central Missouri can also install water filtration at your Owensville office. We deliver cases of your favorite single bottles and even have a plumbed in system for hot and cold filtered water from the tap.
The only thing left for you to do is contact us at 573-635-4961 or 1-800-769-8363(VEND) or email us at Great services and products await you from Canteen Service of Central Missouri!


Office Coffee Service Owensville