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Vending Machines in Central and East Central Missouri
Vending is far from a stagnant industry. Whereas most may think of the old, typical vending machines, there are many new technologies available to advance the customer’s and business-owner’s experience. And Canteen Service of Central Missouri is definitely on board with the latest and greatest in the industry.

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

All of our equipment includes modern, state-of-the-art technologies. For instance, Sure Vend infrared technology can determine whether a purchased product is vended, or not, and immediately provide a refund. And debit/credit card acceptors built into the machines makes the purchase process much more convenient.

Energy Efficient

Concerned about efficiency? Our machines are Energy Star rated and include LED lighting to cut down on energy consumption and expense. While temperature controlled machines allow food items to stay fresher longer, but without unnecessary waste.

Vending Coupons

We also have some advances that are unique to our operation. Our vending coupons program let’s you hand out coupons as an extra fringe benefit to employees and the vending machines will accept them like cash.
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